Tree Lopping | Tree Removal | Tree Trimming Service Perth WA

Trees give shade and life, but when a tree is down in your front yard it needs to be tended. You can call us for tree lopping, tree removal, stump grinding, lawn care or installation of a new lawn or planting of a new tree. If you aren’t sure about the lawn maintenance or tree trimming services you need, we can pop over and provide a quote with no obligation.

We have high quality tree lopping, trimming, and tree removal services. Our tree lopping services are local to Perth and the surrounding communities of Lockridge, Kiara, Armadale and surrounds. We would like to see all the trees on your property healthy and thriving. However, if you lost a tree and would like the stump removed, call us today.

Stump Grinding
Stump grinding is good for the overall health of your garden. A stump can be tripped over. Plus the space an old tree stump occupies could be better spent with newly planted trees and flowers. You can improve your garden by hiring our company to provide tree lopping, stump grinding and tree trimming. Removing undesired stumps will give your garden more space and beauty.

If you don’t pay attention, a stump can generate a new tree that you weren’t expecting. If you desire a new tree from the old stump, let it be. If you would prefer to plant a new tree or fill that space in the garden in a different way, bring us in for stump grinding in Perth WA today. A quote is no-obligation.

Affordable Tree Lopping Services for Lockridge, Perth & Beyond
Our tree trimming services are affordable. We provide fair pricing based on the quality of our services combined with the years of our experience. You can call us today to get a free estimate.

Emergency Tree Repair Services
In a rainy storm when the wind picks up, a tree branch can fall and block your driveway or front yard. Worse, a tree can fall on a house. Contact us now to prevent future tree repair emergencies or take care of tree branches that may be in danger of blocking your path.

Tree Repair to Lawn Maintenance

You can call on us for ongoing lawn maintenance and gardening. Our teams can trim your trees in Perth and the surrounding suburbs plus keep your lawn maintained and healthy. Trimmed lawns are healthier lawns. When you take care of your yard, you get a sense of peace and well being that is reinforced every time you drive up to your home. We would like to be part of that equation for you – providing quality tree trimming and lawn maintenance in Perth WA.